The friendship of two mommas made Friendship by LiliZach possible; but, without Lili and Zachary, this journey never would have taken us here. Take a peek into our lives and these two awesome kiddos below. 


Hi! My name is Liliana! I am a two-year-old troublemaker. I am American/Colombian and my parents found out about my diagnosis when my mom was 4 months pregnant through a blood test. They knew there would be challenges ahead of them; however, they never imagined how strong I was going to be!  

I love gymnastics, dancing (especially to The Beatles and Bomba Estereo (Colombian Band)), and playing outside. I currently go three days a week to Daycare where I’m learning how to interact with my peers. I love coloring and playing with blocks and cars with them. I’m also part of the Infants and Toddlers Early Intervention Program in Frederick County and I do gymnastics once a week at Frederick Gymnastics Club

I have a big group of helpers/ fans that love me so much and are always willing to help my parents when they need it.

I have taught my family about unconditional love, inclusion and how to be more patient every day-- after all, I am a toddler!

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Zach (also known as "ZZ", "Duders" "Z-Man" and more!) was born in August of 2010. He is the first child of Scott and Wendy Zook. His Down syndrome diagnosis was made after birth and confirmed about one week later through chromosomal testing. 

Thanks to his hard-working Early Intervention and special education teams, plus the perseverance of his strong-willed personality and his parents, Zach has become a very successful, super-witty, very fun and loving kiddo. 

Exciting news! Zachary will be in a fully-included classroom setting with his typical peers at the same school his sister and neighbors go to beginning with his second-grade year in September!

Z-Man loves Popeye, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, watching "America's Funniest Home Videos" and playing outside. He has an awesome relationship with his little sister, Addison, 6, who cares for him, speaks up for him and antagonizes him like a talented lil' sis. 

Zach has taught us love of the most unconditional form and makes us laugh ALL the time. Having an extra chromosome in our family has been the most rewarding journey we ever could have imagined. 

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